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Test-Optional Admissions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our lives we have been actively monitoring the impacts on students as they prepare to apply to colleges this coming year. Given the continued restrictions on in-person testing opportunities and in light of recent announcements regarding halted plans for virtual testing, we recognize that action needs to be taken.
In the spirit of supporting our students and in being fair and equitable in our admissions decisions, Texas A&M University will not require test scores from Freshman applicants for the Fall or Spring of 2021 and 2022 admissions cycle. Students may continue to submit standardized scores from their SAT and/or ACT tests for consideration for admission. Submission of tests scores will not create any unfair advantage or disadvantage for those students who provide them.
Several working groups are actively evaluating our application review processes in light of this new policy and we’ll be providing more details to students and counselors in the very near future.

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Is the deadline for accepting our decision going to be extended past May 1st?

At this time, May 1st is still the date for accepting Freshman admissions via the Applicant Information System (AIS) portal. If this information changes, it will be communicated through the AIS portal and email.

Are we making any adjustments for bacterial meningitis shots?

The hold date has been moved to August 15 so students can register without it but classes will be dropped if it’s not here before classes start.  Please see this link for how to submit your immunization record:

What will be set in place for students who haven’t taken the TSI test because of school shut downs, their NSC is in May and they are not exempt?

Students needing to clear TSI should check with us after May 1 for testing options.  We will update the AIS banner on the portal as more information becomes available.

Can a student defer the Fall Semester based on the Coronavirus?

We are not offering deferrals based on the Coronavirus at this time. However, if you do have a documented emergency medical condition that needs to be noted and could impact your ability to attend classes in the fall, please submit a ‘Contact Us’ // ‘Ask a Question’ // ‘Defer / Withdraw Application’ in your AIS portal.  A staff member will be able to advise further.

Are there any updates concerning the Summer NSCs, Gateway or Summer Class schedules?

All summer courses offered through Texas A&M University in the first, second, and 10-week summer terms (including the May “minimester”) will be delivered online:  

For NSCs, Texas A&M has decided to cancel in-person conferences for summer and move these to a fully virtual experience.  Please see more information at the following link:

All Gateway students have been changed to fully admitted status for the fall semester.  Gateway students will be required to participate in the standard Gateway program as a member of the cohort, and their major will remain General Studies: Watch Gateway ZOOM recording.

For Summer applications with a deadline of April 1, credentials will be accepted until May 1. We can roll any readmit to fall term if needed. Have the students make a request in AIS or email Lane’s group.

If an incoming student does not have computer access for their Virtual NSC, where do they do?

There is a form for students to complete in case of access issues.

When will waitlisted applicants be notified as to a decision for Fall 2020?

We are working on these decisions now and will release these through April.  Please monitor your AIS portal for updates in status of decision.

Are there any on-campus appointments or meetings available for current or prospective applicants?

At this time, on-campus appointments have been cancelled. Prospective students hoping to meet with a counselor can reach out to their local Prospective Student Center (PSC) or the Aggieland PSC by email. The staff will let you know the best way to set up an appointment, and what those appointments will look like since they will not occur face-to-face.

What is the best way to contact someone in the Admissions Office for assistance?

The best way to contact the Office of Admissions at this time is by email ( If you are a current applicant and have access to your AIS portal, you can also submit a ‘Contact Us’ // ‘Ask a Question’ in your AIS portal and a staff member can assist you.

School Districts are changing their grading to Pass/Fail. Does Texas A&M University have a policy concerning this change?

Texas A&M has no issue with the pass/fail grading if that is what the district chooses to do. It is not an issue with Texas A&M University’s Scholarships & Financial Aid Office. As long as the student successfully graduates from high school and can provide an official transcript documenting the graduation date, this will satisfy our requirement.  

When will financial aid be distributed if fall classes are online?

Aid is disbursed 10-days prior to the first day of class if we are online or on in person on campus.

Are there any updates to the decision timeline for Fall 2020 transfer applicants?

The decision timeline remains the same since the university is still open. Please monitor your AIS portal for updates.

What do we do about the SAT/ACT test cancellations?

Given the continued restrictions on in-person testing opportunities and in light of recent announcements regarding halted plans for virtual testing, Texas A&M University will not require test scores from Freshman applicants for the 2021 Admissions Cycle. Submission of tests scores will not create any unfair advantage or disadvantage for those students who provide them.

Since the deadline for Freshman Fall 2021 admissions is not until December, there will still be plenty of opportunities for prospective applicants to take tests prior to the deadline. Historically the median score is a 1300 for an SAT. The median score for an ACT has been a 29.

Currently, the June 2020 SAT has not been cancelled, and historically SAT has offered tests in August, October and November. You can find more information on the CollegeBoard website. ACT has two tests coming up in June and July 2020 that have not yet been cancelled, and historically have offered tests in September and October. You can find more information on the ACT website.

The best option to get SAT/ACT scores to us as soon as possible is to add TAMU as one of your chosen schools to send scores automatically (SAT: 6003 / ACT: 4198).

How do I make myself the most competitive applicant?

Students are evaluated on their academic achievement as well as their personal achievement.  Academic achievement includes class rank and test scores.  Personal achievement is everything else in the student’s file; extra-curricular activities, community service, talents, awards and honors, summer activities and essays are all taken into consideration.  We look at both when considering students.  So, yes, do your best in school and on the standardized tests but when completing the application make sure and fill it out in it’s entirety.  Successful applicants are strong in both areas.

Does legacy play a factor?

While we appreciate the support of our former Aggies, legacy does not play a role in our admissions decisions.

Will my high school’s competitiveness play a factor in the admissions process?

No, we consider how well a student competed against their peers.  The school that a student attends is not a factor in the decision process.

I go to a non-ranking high school, how will my rank be calculated?

Students who attend a high school that does not rank, will be a assigned a quartile rank based information from their transcript and school profile.  They will be assigned a first quarter, second quarter, etc. ranking.

How do I get into Mays?

We admit freshman applicants into the university first and then assign a major on a first admitted, first served basis.  The Business School is a popular choice and so students are encouraged to apply and complete their application file by the end of September for their best chances. The Business School does not have a separate review process for placement into BUAD.

What is different about the Engineering review process?

Students who put Engineering as a first choice major will go through the holistic review process regardless if they are an automatic admit or not. Engineering students also need to complete a short answer question that asks why they are applying for Engineering.  We will also consider a student’s SAT or ACT math score as well as the highest level of math a student is completing in high school.  Every aspect of the application will be taken into consideration.

Can my counselor send in a letter of recommendation?

While we can accept letters of recommendation, they are not a requirement for your application file to be complete.  Students can upload them on the Applicant Information System under the “My Documents” tab. We will only review the first two letters submitted.

Will taking dual credit make me more competitive?

While taking dual credit can help you have a higher weighted GPA and thus perhaps a higher class rank, we will not give additional points to a student just because they are taking dual credit.

Do you accept AP and IB credit?

Yes, we will accept AP and IB credit.  Details can be found on the testing website

When will I find out my decision?

Our first round of acceptance letters will typically be released in mid-September. After that, students who are automatic admits via the top 10% law will be notified 2-3 weeks after their application file is complete. Students are encouraged to monitor the Applicant Information System for any updates to their status.

Students applying to Engineering and who complete their file before October 15th will be notified if they have been admitted to Engineering or if they are being considered for the second round.  The students who complete their application file after October 15th will receive a decision late January-early February.

What is PSA?

The Program for System Admission (PSA) is an alternative admission program for selected students not offered freshman admission to Texas A&M University. PSA provides students the opportunity to attend a Texas A&M University system institution with the goal of enrolling at Texas A&M in College Station after one year.

If students who did not have the 3.0 requirement for PSA when they applied, are they going to be denied if they take the Pass/Fail option?

A student who has less than a 3.0 after the fall semester and takes the spring semester as P/F will not meet the requirements of PSA.

The new pass/fail rules only apply to the spring 2020 courses but other requirements need to be met. They should still have the final GPA and the appropriate courses completed per the program requirements. If the student has the option to receive a grade they should be encouraged to get that.