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Find Your Second Home in Aggieland

Texas A&M University is a home away from home for international students and transfers from across the world. Earn your degree at one of the top universities in the nation for education and value!

You are an international transfer applicant if you:
  • Are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (or applicant for permanent residency)
  • have not graduated from a Texas high school after three years of residence in Texas. (If this applies to you, please apply as a U.S. transfer applicant based on Senate Bill 1528.)
  • are an applicant seeking the attainment of a bachelor’s degree
  • have graduated from high school or equivalent
  • have enrolled in a post-secondary institution, have earned college credit after high school/secondary school graduation (during fall/spring semesters)
  • are not eligible for readmission (have never enrolled at Texas A&M University as an undergraduate degree-seeking student).

What do I need to apply?

International Transfer