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Program for Transfer Admission

The Program for Transfer Admission (PTA) offers prospective transfer students a unique opportunity to be automatically admitted to Texas A&M University. PTA is designed for students attending Texas community colleges and offers more than 65 degree plans. Upon successful completion of the coursework outlined by the degree plan and additional requirements of the program, participants are eligible for automatic admission to Texas A&M.

  • Students MUST graduate high school before they are eligible to sign up for PTA.  
  • Complete all required paperwork for the program. Attend a mandatory pre-participation and final academic meetings with a Texas A&M University admissions counselor.
  • Choose and complete all program-specific coursework requirements from one of the PTA degree plans for the proposed major choice.
  • Complete at least 30 transferable hours after high school graduation at any Texas community college within three years from the date on which participation begins.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point ratio (including dual credit).
  • Earn a grade of a "B" or better in all bold, italicized coursework specified in the degree plan.
  • Submit all other required documents (application fee, transcripts, essay, etc.) and the PTA participation form by the appropriate deadline for admission to Texas A&M University.
  • To participate in PTA, students must have a TAMU transfer admissions application on file for the semester they intend to enroll in. Previous admissions applications will NOT be considered.
  • The first-choice major on the admissions application must match the major listed on the PTA participation and completion forms. Students who list any other major on their admissions application will not be considered for PTA and will be reviewed by the college/major listed on their admissions application
  • PTA Student Participation and PTA Completion forms are attainable upon meeting with a Texas A&M University admissions counselor

  • Participants must follow the Major Coursework Check Sheet that is in place at the time of signature on the Student Participation Form.
  • Participants may only sign up for PTA one time under one major.
  • The most recent consecutive 30 transferable hours must be done in residence at any Texas community college or combination of Texas community colleges.
  • Participants may mix and match coursework from different Texas community colleges.
  • Bold, italicized coursework on the Major Coursework Check Sheet may only be attempted once (excluding grades of W and WP).
  • If a participant earns a grade of “C”or lower in the bold, italicized coursework (including dual credit), the participant will not be admitted via PTA but is still eligible for traditional transfer admission.
  • Participants are allowed a maximum of three withdrawals (W's) throughout their college career.
  • There are no coursework substitutions.
  • AP Credit cannot be used to satisfy required coursework (bold, italicized) for PTA.
  • Participants must notify a Texas A&M admissions counselor prior to submitting a fall application if planning to submit final spring grades by June 1 for consideration.
  • A signed PTA Completion Form signed by the participant and a Texas A&M admissions counselor with notification to hold for spring grades and all required transfer documents must be received by the fall application deadline.

Once all required coursework is either completed or in progress and prior to applying for transfer admission, students are required to meet with a TAMU Admissions Counselor for a final academic meeting. Students are required to provide an official college transcript from every institution attended so the PTA Completion Form can be signed. A signed PTA Completion Form signifies a student has completed or will complete during a spring semester all of the coursework requirements for automatic admission through the program. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this step before the appropriate application deadline. Failure to complete all the requirements listed above may result in a student losing their guaranteed offer of admission.


PTA Majors

Texas A&M University currently has the following majors available to students of participating community colleges who wish to transfer via PTA.