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Texas A&M Higher Education Center at McAllen (HECM)


Texas A&M University opened the Higher Education Center at McAllen because the university is committed to supporting the educational needs of Texas with top-tier educational programs that will fulfill individual student career goals, enhance continued economic development of the region and help provide the necessary skilled workforce.

How to Apply 

Freshman and transfer applicants may apply to the HECM using ApplyTexas or The Coalition applications.

All students seeking admission to the HECM will complete the application for Texas A&M University. Students are considered for admission to the HECM as part of the admission process to Texas A&M University. Students applying to majors that are offered in College Station and McAllen may indicate McAllen as their preferred location on their application.

To get started, please select your applicant type: Freshman or Transfer 


That’s why degree options at this campus are focused on the issues that matter most here. At this $40 million facility, you’ll learn how to make a difference in the region and beyond. Feed the masses, cure diseases, and build the communities of the future, all right here in the Rio Grande Valley.


Leading in the Field
The globalization of agriculture, new technologies, nutritional and environmental consciousness and U.S. and foreign policies are creating the need for industries to hire graduates with strong backgrounds in applied economics, business principles and leadership. Whether your interest is in finance, managing natural resources or government policy, this degree offers the flexibility and knowledge base necessary for employment opportunities in a variety of both non-agricultural and agricultural industries.


Engineering, Powered By You
Interdisciplinary engineering degree program allows students to develop unique skill sets and specialize in areas that may not be provided in traditional department degree programs.


Plug In
This new undergraduate program emphasizes mechatronics, a multidisciplinary field that includes a combination of mechanical, electrical, communications, control and computer systems.


Just What The Doctor Ordered
Biomedical science is the broad field of applied biology related to health and disease. The primary purpose is to prepare people at the college level for productive futures in a changing world.


Stronger Communities, Healthy People - Our Tradition
Students in this program learn how to create a healthier world. Among other things, they explore health disparities in underserved populations, struggles within America’s health care system and cutting-edge innovations to fight the deadliest diseases.


Ready for What's Next
This degree provides students with a rich, varied and rigorous education that prepares them to thrive in an ever changing global society. It focuses on International Commerce, with an emphasis on Spanish language. Every student takes a basic set of courses in business practice and international economic and social theory to acquire a well-developed understanding of the interconnectedness of global commercial systems. 


You're in Charge
This degree enables students to craft a personalized plan that provides foundational and advanced knowledge in the arts and scientific fields. The area of concentration gives wide flexibility to design a focus of study for each student; advisers will assist students to build a core set of courses to align with interests and career goals. A Spanish minor and a minor from the College of Science are required.


Pave Your Way
While many of our graduates follow a traditional path of advancement to the top of construction companies across the state, country and world, many others build on firm foundations of their degree to develop diverse careers. Specialized coursework in building systems, materials and methods of contruction, scheduling, cost estimating, structures, construction management, law and business/labor relations allows our graduates to enter the construction industry with the ability to lead, problem solve and use innovative applications on their projects.




6200 Tres Lagos Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78504

For questions about admissions, scholarship and application, contact:

Rio Grande Valley Prospective Student Center
5277 North 23rd Street
McAllen, TX 78504