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Complete required items from your checklist on AIS.

General Information

Howdy Web Portal

Howdy is a “one-stop shop” for your student information and university resources. Howdy provides helpful information about financial aid, housing, registration, payment deadlines and more. Check Howdy regularly for important announcements, news and event information.

Howdy Portal Questions/Problems: 979.845.8300

Activate Your Texas A&M Email Account

Once you have registered for your NSC, a Texas A&M email account is available for you. Your email address will be your This email address will be used for all official school correspondence. It is important to activate this account and check it regularly.

Apply For Financial Aid

Texas A&M University offers many financial aid options to help you pay for college. Scholarships & Financial Aid can assist you with learning about and applying for aid.

In order to be eligible for financial assistance, you must first submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)​​. The FAFSA is used to award grants, loans and work-study programs. There is no cost to submit the FAFSA, and it must be renewed every year. Although there is no deadline for submitting the FAFSA, priority is given to students who apply early. The FAFSA school code for Texas A&M University is 003632.

Veterans, or dependents of veterans, who plan to utilize military benefits should contact Veteran Services. For information, visit the ​Veterans Services website.

Financial Aid Questions: 979.845.3236

Register for a New Student Conference

Accept your offer of admission to Texas A&M University by registering for a mandatory New Student Conference (NSC).

NSC fees can be deferred if you used an application fee waiver for the Texas A&M application for admission. NSC fee deferral means the fee will be added to your tuition bill. You may choose this option online during NSC registration allowing you to register without making a payment. Your conference fee is nonrefundable.

If you DO NOT register for an NSC in AIS by the deadline we will assume you have declined your offer and cancel your admission. Please note, accepting your financial aid package or registering for on-campus housing does NOT mean that you have accepted your offer of admission. Those processes are independent from NSC Registration.

Fee Questions: 979.458.5155
Registration Questions: 979.845.1060

2021 NSC Dates

Dates are subject to change. Find current information on the NSC Website.


New Student Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Your NSC is a critical component of your future success as an Aggie. At your NSC you will register for courses as well as learn how to take full advantage of all the academic programs, student services and extracurricular activities Texas A&M has to offer.
Yes, we welcome family members to come support their student as they begin this next part of their lives. Family members and guests must register to attend.
There is a reschedule button in AIS on the My App Status tab. Only conferences with available seats will be displayed.
NSC fees can be deferred if you used an application fee waiver for the admission application. Choosing this option allows you to register for your NSC without making an immediate payment. The NSC fee will then be added to your tuition bill.
If you do not register for an NSC in AIS by the deadline we will assume you have declined your offer and cancel your admission. Please note, accepting your financial aid package or registering for on-campus housing does not mean that you have accepted your offer of admission. Those processes are independent from NSC registration.
It is not too late but a request to change your major is never guaranteed. You may request a change of major on the Howdy Portal via the Applicant tab, Manage Applications. Some majors have enrollment limits and only available majors will be displayed. Note: a change of major may require changing your NSC date.
We consider registration for an NSC as a confirmation that you will be attending Texas A&M. If you decide not to attend after registering for a conference, please cancel your admission on the Howdy Portal via the Applicant tab, Manage Applications. Your conference fee is nonrefundable.


Apply for On-Campus Housing

Texas A&M is committed to making on-campus housing a priority for incoming freshmen and will do its best to accommodate as many new students as possible. The sooner you apply for on-campus housing the better your opportunity of getting one of your top choices.

Housing Questions: 979.845.4744

Submit Your Bacterial Meningitis Immunization Record

All incoming students are required to use Med+Proctor to submit Bacterial Meningitis immunization records. Visit the ​Med+Proctor website​​ and click “register” to create your account and download the required immunization forms.

Proof of vaccination should be provided at least two weeks prior to your NSC. You will not be able to check-in for your conference or register for classes until this requirement is met.

Visit Med+Proctor for More Information.

Complete NSC Online Orientation

Before attending the NSC all students must complete the mandatory online orientation. The modules will set you up for success at the NSC. Summer and Fall admits should wait until April to complete this orientation. Complete online orientation on the ​Howdy Portal​, My Record tab.

New Student & Family Programs: 979.845.5826

Select a Tuition Rate Code

In-state residents will be offered a choice between a variable rate tuition plan or a locked rate (fixed) tuition plan. Non- resident students are not eligible for locked rate tuition and will be assigned the variable rate.

You must select your rate code before attending your NSC. Go to the ​Howdy Portal​, click the icon labeled ‘Howdy Checklist’ at the top then choose the ‘Undergraduate Tuition Rate Code Selection’ checklist item to make your selection. The choice will be offered prior to your first semester of enrollment and cannot be changed in future semesters.

Texas A&M University meets requirements of the Texas Education Code, Section 54.017 regarding fixed tuition for undergraduate students.

Take the Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam (MPE) is a multiple-choice, online examination that helps your academic advisor determine which math course you should take to ensure academic success in your major. All incoming freshmen are required to complete the MPE. Students enrolling in the College of Engineering and the College of Science (with the exception of Biology, Microbiology, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Zoology majors) will take the MPE on Day 2 of their NSC. All students are encouraged to take two practice exams. To take the MPE, go to the Howdy Portal, Applicant tab. Note: The MPE is typically available beginning in April.

Math Placement Exam Questions: 979.845.7554


Complete the Texas Success Initiative Pre-Assessment Activity and the TSI Assessment Test

Your TSI status will be noted in AIS. If you are not exempt, you must complete the mandatory Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) and then take the TSI Assessment Test before attending an NSC. Non-exempt students will be blocked from registering for all classes during the NSC until the TSI PAA has been completed, the TSI Assessment Test has been taken and scores are on file at Texas A&M. If you have taken the TSI Assessment Test anywhere other than Texas A&M, please do not assume that your test scores have been sent here.

Texas Success Initiative Questions: 979.458.4900 or


Send A Final High School Transcript with Graduation Date by August 15

Final high school transcripts are due by August 15. Please send them as early as possible.

Send Official College Transcripts (if applicable)

If you took dual credit or attended college prior to enrolling at Texas A&M, send your college transcript(s) from ALL schools attended. 


Determine if You Need to Take a Foreign Language Placement Test

Students who intend to enroll in a college foreign language course and have no college credit in the language MUST take a placement test on the pre-conference day of their NSC to determine the appropriate course for their level of ability.

Spanish Placement Exam Questions: 979.845.2125
Other Language Exam Questions: 979.845.5144

Additional Requirements for Engineering Students

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The College of Engineering requires students to purchase a computer to complement the course instruction. For more information, visit

Additional Requirements for International Students

Obtain Appropriate Immigration Documents (if applicable)

International Student Services (ISS) issues the I-20 and DS-2019 for international students to apply for an F1 or J1 visa. The process for applying for an I-20 or DS-2019 is located on the ​ISS website,​.

Document Issuance Questions: 979.845.1824, 979.862.4633 (fax) or ​


Complete the Mandatory International Student Orientation and Check-In

International students should complete the mandatory online orientation prior to arriving. Once you complete the online orientation, please sign up for a check-in appointment so that your registration hold may be removed.

Plan to Attend International Student Conference (ISC)

You are highly encouraged to attend the one-day, on-campus International Student Conference (ISC) specifically developed for international students. ​Note:​ The ISC is different from the mandatory New Student Conference (NSC) that freshmen students are required to attend.

For information concerning online orientation, the dates of Check-In and/or the ISC, please visit the ​ISS website​.

Enroll in Health Insurance

International students are automatically enrolled in and charged for comprehensive health insurance and repatriation/ evacuation coverage while in the U.S. and enrolled at Texas A&M University.

Commitment to Diversity

Texas A&M University has a strong institutional commitment to the principle of diversity in all areas. In that spirit, admission to Texas A&M University and any of its sponsored programs is open to all qualified individuals. Texas A&M University does not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s disability and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in its admissions, accessibility, treatment and employment of students in its programs and activities.


Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act)

Information regarding campus security and safety resources, policies, and procedures for safety (reporting crimes and emergencies, crime awareness and prevention, and security of campus facilities and residence halls), alcohol, drugs, weapons and sexual assault, and crime information is on the ​University Police Department​ and the ​U.S. Department of Education websites.