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Let's Talk About Mental Health

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020
Have you felt that you are losing the sense of reality? Do you ever wake up and wish that these last couple of weeks were a horrible nightmare? Do you ever find yourself, sitting alone and having an anxiety attack of what the future holds for you?
If your answer is “Yes!” to any or all the above questions, believe me, you are not alone.

Everyday I wake up to news of graduating students’ convocations being cancelled, or prospective students’ university admissions deferred, or current students’ internship offers rescinded. As millennials and young students, the worst we had possibly worried of happening was failing in a course. But these are unprecedented times.
During such time of duress, it is very easy to lose track of your mental health. I am of the belief, that one’s physical health reflects his/her/their mental health. Even with a multitude of resources at your fingertips it is understandable to feel overwhelmed. So, what can be done to maintain a healthy conscience?
1. Meditate and exercise.
A sound body equals sound mind. With the public gyms and recreation center closed, you might find it difficult to stay fit. But there are still a lot of options that can be explored. Texas A&M University ‘s rec center has started this innovative way of reaching patrons virtually using Live Virtual Group RecXercise Classes. This is a great way to utilize the virtual offerings of the Rec Center and stay in shape.
For prospective students, there are a huge number of workout videos available for free on platforms like YouTube. Find a buddy and enroll in a 30-day or workout challenge or a 60-day fitness challenge. You will not believe how much fun it is to workout with your friend and keep each other motivated.

2. Sleep on time.
With classes and lectures becoming online, one of the hardest challenges I faced was to sleep on time. A disrupted sleep cycle can badly affect your health. So, skip the “Next Episode” on Netflix the next time and grab a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. You will start feeling the difference from the very next day.

3. Develop a hobby.
Come on, there has always been some activity you always wanted to do but put on hold because you never had the time. Well now’s your chance. What are you waiting for? I read somewhere- With all the time available now if you still don’t learn something new, you never lacked the time; you lack discipline. So, learn that language you’ve always wanted to learn, bake that bread you’ve always wanted to bake, pick up those books from the shelf you bought but never read. Learn yoga. The possibilities are endless. And the resources are right under your nose.

4. Take a break.
There will always be deadlines; projects that need to be completed; applications that need to be submitted. Amidst the overwhelming plethora of duties, you might find that you forgot to take a breather. Make a cup of coffee and just exhale. Unwind yourself and give yourself some time to arrange your thoughts.

5. Reach out.
Remember, we are all in this together. And only together will we come out of this perplexing situation. With staying home ensconced within the four walls, if you ever feel like talking or just expressing yourself, reach out. Talk to your flat mates, parents or friends. You might not believe it, but it will help them as well. There are a lot of websites or helplines available on-campus as well as online which will help you get through these tumultuous times. Ask each other about health and exchange information. This will not only help you stay updated, but also build a sense of togetherness in these quarantined moments.