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Go Gig or Go Home

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020
Texas A&M is more than just a school, it’s a feeling, it’s a spirit, and overall, it’s a family. When my time came to apply for college, I knew without a doubt that I was meant to be an Aggie. Applying for college was stressful, all I wanted was to apply to Texas A&M but what I ultimately decided to apply to three other schools. When decisions came in, I quickly realized I was an International student and would have to pay for international student tuition. Not being able to afford it, I decided to attend Blinn College in Bryan, Texas.
Fall of 2016 I started my college career. I only planned on attending Blinn for one year, but things changed quickly. I finally completed my first year of college and started my sophomore year in Fall 2017. That semester had a lot of growth, to start things off Hurricane Harvey tore through the Texas coast and up into College Station. Once classes were finally able to start classes I had registered for were no longer being transferred to Texas A&M. Slowly, I started losing faith that maybe my idea of transferring was not in the cards. I finished out the fall semester with a snowstorm and good grades. To this day Spring 2018 was one of the worst semesters of my college career. After working so hard all semester I failed my first class and my GPA crashed. I started giving up on my dream of being an Aggie, but thanks to one of my best friends I was able to find the motivation to do better. After my third year at Blinn College, I was finally accepted to Texas A&M and became an Aggie.
I learned a lot my three years at Blinn but the biggest thing I learned was having friends who support your dream will help you stay motivated. I am not by any means a traditional student and I am proud of how hard I have worked to get into the Aggie family.
I would not be where I am today without my friends and family and I will always remember how my parents jokingly said “If you don’t go to Texas A&M pick another school because you aren’t coming home” shortly after my motivational quote I would tell myself was “Go gig or go home”
Advice to prospective students that are reading this, never ever give up. I know it sounds cliché but its true. Keep reminding yourself what you are working for even if it’s something small like studying on Texas A&M campus. Keep working hard and eventually, it will pay off in the end. I am now expected to get my Aggie Ring and graduate the same day. May 2021 cannot come soon enough!