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A Guide for Freshman Year

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020
Howdy! So, it’s your freshman year at Texas A&M University. Aside from the excitement of attending THE best University in Texas, you may have a lot of questions, concerns or uneasiness. Here is a guide of what I have learned during my time here. Hopefully, this will ease your mind and answer some of those questions!

Go Out and Get Involved:
We have over 200 clubs and orgs here on campus that suit a myriad of interests, from Fish Camp to FLO’s (Freshman Leadership Org) to Best Buddies to Greek life. These clubs/orgs are great for meeting new people and having a group on campus that you're comfortable with and that you belong to right away. They are also great for networking and can serve as resume builders. During your first couple of weeks here, feel free to explore the clubs/orgs at the MSC open house!

Get a Routine Down:
I have found this to be one of the most important things. At the start of each semester, spend the first few weeks setting up a semi-flexible routine for yourself. This should include class times, time for studying/homework, time for being social and time for any extracurriculars. I say a flexible routine because there will be times where you have a test and may have to spend more time studying, than sleeping or hanging out with friends. Having a routine will also help to establish a good sleep schedule. Remember it’s okay to study while all of your friends go out. Friends will always be there, however, that test you can only take once.

Find out the resources TAMU has:
Here we have numerous resources available to students, such as the Career Center and Academic Success Center, which are available to you throughout your college career. Sometimes you just have to explore those resources and use them to your advantage. Additionally, these resources can help to ensure your success as a student.

Keep in mind that TAMU is a Large University:
What I mean by this is, that things won't necessarily be done for you, you have to help yourself sometimes. I don’t look at this as a downside, I look at it as promoting independence. If you ever need help don't be afraid to ask! Anyone, from a fellow student, an advisor or a professor, would be more than willing to help or give you advice.

Focus on your Grades:
I know the excitement of college and independence is overwhelming, but don’t let that come before your grades. College courses are much different than high school, a lot is left up to you. It’s your responsibility to be on top of your classwork, projects and tests, and when they are due. Doing well in your freshman year is very important because it’s very hard to recover if you get, say a 2.0 your first semester. So, don't feel pressure to take a full course load (15 Hours) your first couple of semesters. However, if you think you can do it and want to challenge yourself, go for it! If not, that’s okay too. Take 12 instead until you get the hang of it and can add another course. Remember, there is no “timeline” that you must stick to; go at your own pace and set goals.

Freshman year goes by fast!! Savor every moment, have fun and do well in school. Welcome to college!