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Join me in Aggieland!

Posted on Wednesday, May 05, 2021
My name is Jenna Hanson, and I am a freshman engineering major at Texas A&M University pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering.
When deciding where to attend college, I had a long list of potential universities and little idea of how to differentiate between them. I was unsure how I would fit into a large community versus a small one, or a commuter campus versus residential. However, after visiting Texas A&M, I immediately felt a strong sense of community and pride for the university amongst the students which made me excited to be on campus. The level of camaraderie and support I witnessed while sitting in on classes and walking past student activities inspired me to consider Texas A&M as a potential option.
When touring Texas A&M, I was most impressed by the intense pride for the university amongst the students. Texas A&M has a rich heritage which all students buy into, fostering a sense of inclusiveness due to the shared experience of campus traditions. From Midnight Yell to the Century Tree, there are many aspects of campus life that are central to the Aggie identity and enhance the college experience.
Additionally, I was impressed by the incredible foundation for community at the university. Because many of my high school friends decided to attend different colleges, I was worried about getting plugged in and meeting new people, especially amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I opted to stay in a Living Learning Community (LLC) on campus, which opened doors for me in ways I could not have originally imagined. Because of the tight-knit community in my LLC, I met so many incredible people with unique passions— exposing me to new ideas and urging me to consider how closely different majors can work together to accomplish projects bigger than one specialty might be able to undertake alone.
Finally, the network of social events at the university is widespread and all-encompassing, presenting options for every type of person. From kickboxing classes at the recreation center to TED Talks on campus, there are activities sure to excite every kind of student.
Overall, Texas A&M represents a passionate and high-achieving student body that works to support and encourage each other. From research opportunities to niche student activities such as competitive spikeball, there are a plethora of events for students to participate in both socially and academically. While there are many colleges and universities out there, Texas A&M truly represents a campus with a spirit that can ne’er be told.