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Student Organizations: Cultivate Your Interests

Posted on Saturday, Feb 06, 2021
Texas A&M University defines diversity as the inclusion and support of individuals from all groups, encompassing the various characteristics of people in our community. Diversity is the exploration of differences, identities and ideas in a welcoming and nurturing academic environment. The educational benefits of diverse learning environments include: civic learning, engagement and preparation to live in complex global settings.
Texas A&M offers a number of resources regarding diversity and inclusion such as the Office for Diversity, Department of Multicultural Services, the LGBTQ+ Pride Center, the Women's Resource Center and Disability Resources. Here are a few student organizations that further the University’s efforts to ensure Texas A&M is welcoming and inclusive to all Aggies.

Aggies to Aggies (A2A)
Aggies to Aggies (A2A), a peer diversity education program housed in the Department of Multicultural Services, seeks to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within campus communities. A2A uses an array of activities to enhance students’ understandings of these topics and what it means to be a socially conscious Aggie.
A2A peer diversity educators are formally trained to facilitate workshops and discussions. Workshop topics include social identities, culture, microaggressions, privilege and cultural appropriation. Benefits of such workshops include: building an inclusive organizational culture, strengthening members’ personal connections, improving diversity knowledge and competency and engaging in open and informed conversations.

IDEAAL (Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders)
Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL) is a year-long institute for incoming first-year Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) students. IDEAAL is an opportunity for freshmen to find their sense of belonging and connect with the Texas A&M community through peer-to-peer mentorship
and leadership and identity development. The
core of IDEAAL is to guide first-year students on
the road to becoming strong influences in the
Aggie community while they explore issues of identity, leadership and culture as it pertains to Asian Americans.
Members of IDEAAL consist of mentors, participants and directors. Mentors are upperclassmen who have completed the IDEAAL program as participants and have an authentic interest in Asian American student growth and development. Participants are freshmen selected to go through the year-long program dealing with issues of identity, leadership and culture as it pertains to Asian Americans. Directors serve as the leadership of IDEAAL and facilitate the specifics of the program throughout the year.

ExCEL (Excellence uniting Culture, Education and Leadership)
Excellence uniting Culture, Education and Leadership (ExCEL) is a student organization and student success program designed to help new students find academic, social and personal balance at Texas A&M. ExCEL assists students interested in engaging with the Black or African American Aggie community in making a smooth transition during the first year as an Aggie. ExCEL accomplishes this through a conference during Howdy Week, cultivating relationships between peers and mentors, providing a sense of
belonging, offering academic personal support
and serving as a resource.
ExCEL launches with the ExCEL Conference the Friday before fall classes. During the conference, students become familiar with the year-long program, as they are assigned upper-class peer mentors and a peer group. The conference consists of motivational speakers, dialogue within the peer groups, developmental series focused on personal development and community and meet and greet mentor activities.
Latino Logradores
Latino Logradores (Latino Achievers) is a freshman program, which supports the success of Latino/a/x students at Texas A&M University by providing mentorship, a family atmosphere, transition from high school to college and resources that help them thrive in a college environment. This will be a freshman’s first connection to the familia Latina where they can build long-lasting relationships, explore their culture, build networks, feel empowered, develop holistically and be a service to the local community.
The program consists of La Casita, Las Familias and La Conexión. La Casita is a small home away from home, where members come together to build community, socialize, network and find a sense of belonging. Las Familias is the name for the mentorship structure, which is an important component of the program where members get the opportunity to be mentored by upperclassmen Aggie Latino/a/x students. La Conexión will be the cornerstone of information needed to be a successful student.
Aggies on the Spectrum (AOTS)
AOTS was established in January 2017 with the purpose of offering social opportunities, support and educational resources for individuals on the autism spectrum, students, staff and faculty at Texas A&M as well as for the Bryan-College Station community. The organization’s goals are to:
Cultivate the experiences of our members through service learning and enhance their social capital through networking.
Promote acceptance and share positive, respectful and accurate information about autistic people.
Increase self-advocacy and leadership skills.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Aggies
LGBTQ Aggies is a recognized student organization at Texas A&M University that meets weekly. The purpose of the LGBTQ Aggies group is to provide support for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals within the University and surrounding communities; to provide educational information on historical and current issues regarding LGBTQ individuals; and to create opportunities for welcoming, safe and supportive social gatherings that strive to minimize the fear of harassment or exposure.