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Day in the Life

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 02, 2021

Howdy! My name is Victoria Hutcheson and this is a Day in My Life. 

8:00 AM  Starting the day with my Spanish 102 class. The class is inside the Academic Building and I love getting to have class in one of the oldest buildings on campus.


9:00 AM  I go to work in an anthropology research lab on campus. Inside the lab, I sort through dirt gathered by my professor and her graduate students from an archaeological site in Alaska. I also enter the data into a records system.


12:30 PM  I go home to my off-campus duplex and eat lunch with my pet fish, Sharkbait. I then change and go back to campus.


1:30 PM  One of my other on campus jobs is being a university tour guide. Today I'm giving a tour to a group of visiting professionals from universities in the U.S. and even a group from Saudi Arabia.


2:30 PM  I go home and study on my back porch with my roommate until my next class starts.


3:30 PM  I attend my favorite class of the semester, Whitewater Canoeing, at a nearby lake. We also get to go on a class trip to North Carolina.


6:00 PM  I attend a staff meeting for my job at Outdoor Adventures at the Student Rec Center.


6:30 PM  I work out at the Rec Center after my meeting. I like using the elliptical machine that overlooks the indoor climbing wall and watching people climb while I work out.


8:00 PM  I sit down to do just a bit more homework and studying to end my day before going to bed.