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Q&A Ecem Kilic

Posted on Saturday, Feb 13, 2021


former student Ecem Kilic ’20 on A&M and life after graduation

What was your major at Texas A&M and what job do you have now?

I was a biomedical engineering major here at Texas A&M. I am currently doing my Masters of Science from the Biomedical Engineering department funded by the Graduate Diversity Fellowship.


What’s your Aggie story? Did you always want to be an Aggie? Did you get to Texas A&M knowing what you wanted to major in and what career you wanted to pursue?

Being admitted to Texas A&M, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a biomedical engineer as it is one of the nation’s top tier engineering schools. This is the best decision I have ever made, and the only one that I am 100% sure about with no regrets. Stuck somewhere between math and science and my love for health, I knew that my career would be in healthcare, whether that be a doctor, researcher, or medical device innovator. I knew that Texas A&M and its network would help me get there, and so far I have not been wrong.


Were you involved in any extracurricular activities as an undergrad?

As an undergraduate I was involved in a few clubs such as F.R.E.E (Freshman Reaching Excellence in Engineering), WE (Women in Engineering) and BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society). But I spent most of my time with the TAMU bodybuilding club (my favorite), as well as doing research. Texas A&M provides students with an extensive variety of clubs and opportunities to do the things you love by surrounding you with people who have the same interests.


What is one thing you will say about your time at Texas A&M that you believe makes it different from any other university?

Our Aggie family. It has been such an honor and incredible experience to be a part of the Aggie network. This type of network goes beyond just your undergraduate years and it’s a lifelong system of connections. You really cannot find a network at any other university that also feels like family.


What was one class that really had an impact on you as a student? Why?

Biomolecular Engineering is just one of the courses that had a major impact on me as a student. Not only was the course content right along the lines of my passion, but the professor for that class was extremely inspiring, and really genuine. Texas A&M is home to a multitude of altruistic and incredible professors that sincerely care for their students. This professor is also a great speaker, and I candidly and truly aspire to be like him in every aspect.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with high school students who are considering applying to Texas A&M?

My piece of advice to those of you considering applying to Texas A&M is definitely apply, you will not regret it. My best advice would be to learn how to balance your college career at the earliest stages. Learn to balance your studies, extracurriculars, health, mental health and fun so that you may get the fullest and most complete college experience. Also, be prepared to be challenged in ways that will help you grow.