Degree Tracks

Applicants are strongly encouraged to view the section of the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog pertaining to their major for additional course requirements/substitutions. Degree Tracks are meant to assist transfer applicants in knowing which courses to take as they consider a specific major.

Transfer applicants should complete as many courses as possible in Table 1 of the Degree Track for their desired major. Other courses that will fulfill degree requirements for that Degree Track are listed in Table 2. Students who begin a set of courses which have a two-semester sequence are encouraged to complete both courses in the sequence before transferring to Texas A&M.


Degree Tracks


  1. Texas Common Course Numbers: To assist students transferring from one Texas school to another, many institutions of higher education in Texas have adopted the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). For course equivalencies, visit or
  2. Bachelor of Arts degree requirements in foreign language courses may be earned through examination or class work, but must appear on the applicant’s official college transcript.
  3. See the section of the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog pertaining to your major for the specific science requirement.
  4. Interdisciplinary Studies majors in the College of Education and Human Development may take ENGL 203 (ENGL 1302) rather than ENGL 210 (ENGL 2311). Computer Science (CPSL) majors are required to take either ENGL 210 or COMM 203 not both.
  5. MATH 1325 is not acceptable as the mathematics prerequisite for medical or dental school. Students planning to apply for these professional programs should complete MATH 2413.
  6. All majors in the College of Science require MATH 151/152 (MATH 2413/2414) if transferring from another institution.
  7. Humanities for the College of Architecture are limited to arts or architecture courses.
  8. Environmental Geosciences majors in the College of Geosciences are not required to take PHYS 218 and 219. See the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog pertaining to Environmental Geosciences for other science requirements.
  9. COMM 203 is not required for Agricultural Economics (AGEC) or Agribusiness (AGBU) majors.
  10. MGMT 211 is not required for Agricultural Economics (AGEC) majors. Formerly BUSI 2302, is no longer offered at most community colleges.
  11. Agricultural Economics (AGEC) majors fulfill this requirement by completing AGEC 105.
  12. The Dwight Look College of Engineering requires ENGR 482 Engineering and Ethics for all majors except Industrial Distribution (IDIL).
  13. GOVT 2301 and 2302 will satisfy the POLS 206 and POLS 207 requirements if transferred from the same school.