How to Apply

An international freshman applicant:

  • is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (or applicant for permanent residency)
  • has not graduated from a Texas high school after three years of residence in Texas. (If this applies to you, please apply as a U.S. freshman applicant based on Senate Bill 1528.)
  • has never enrolled at Texas A&M as an undergraduate degree-seeking student
  • is a degree-seeking applicant without college credit or whose only college credit was received prior to high school graduation

Required Documents

  1. On-line Application. A completed Apply Texas Application. Apply online at The name on your application must match your name as it appears in your passport.
  2. Essay topics. Applicants are required to complete Essay Topics A and B on the Apply Texas Application (
  3. Application Fee. A nonrefundable $90 application fee. The application fee may be paid by check, money order or approved credit card. Applicants who wish to pay by credit card may do so as part of the online application. If you are unable to pay the fee online, you may call the Fee Office (979) 458-5155. Waiver of the $90 international application fee is not available.

    Checks or money orders (U.S. dollars) should be made payable to Texas A&M University. Checks or money orders are accepted provided they display an agency bank in the United States and have magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) routing numbers at the bottom.
  4. Official Transcripts. Submit all official senior secondary or high school transcripts according to the educational system of your country (generally the last three to four years of secondary education). If you are enrolled in the final year of secondary education at the time your application is submitted, you are required to submit official transcripts for the completed years by the application closing date. Courses in progress should be listed in the area provided on the Texas Common Application. The final transcript and high school diploma should be submitted upon completion of studies. To ensure that your official transcripts and other supporting documents are processed in a timely and efficient manner, please include the appropriate Document ID Sheet with all documents you submit in support of your application. If you wish to submit your application fee by check or money order please use the alternate payment form.
    • If you attend more than one senior secondary school, we require an official transcript from each school, including U.S accredited high schools.
    • If you attended a U.S. high school, credit transferred from foreign high schools and listed on the U.S. transcript will be accepted.
    • Transcripts are considered official if they have an original signature of a school official or an original school seal. Accepted signatures include the Registrar, Principal, Controller of Examinations, or the Ministry of Education. Photocopies or other duplications of a transcript, such as notarized, faxed or scanned copies are not considered official.
    • Applicants from an institution that does not issue a transcript in English must submit the native language transcript with an official English translation. Official translations are prepared by a recognized translation service and include all original seals and/or signatures.
    • Applicants whose educational system includes Grade 13 and Form 6 should submit all results completed at time of application.
    • Applicants whose educational system includes O-levels and A-levels will be required to send the completed O-level results and projected A-level results before the application deadline.
  5. Official Test Scores. Official SAT or ACT scores with writing component.

    Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency, which is satisfied by:
    • A minimum TOEFL score of: 550 for paper-based testing (p-BT) or 80 internet-based testing (i-BT), or

      Applicants who are citizens of the following countries will be exempt from the TOEFL requirement:
      American Samoa
      Canada(except Quebec)
      Grand Cayman
      New Zealand
      Sierra Leone
      United Kingdom
      U.S. Pacific Trust

    • A minimum SAT Critical Reading (Verbal) score of 500,

    • A minimum ACT English score of 21,

    • A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 overall band, or

    • Completing all four years in a high school within the U.S.

    Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to be considered official. The institutional code for Texas A&M University for the SAT and TOEFL is 6003, and the ACT code is 4198. There is no institutional code for the IELTS examination, therefore please use the Office of Admissions address listed below when requesting your scores be sent to Texas A&M University. Tests should be taken at least eight weeks prior to the appropriate application deadline to ensure timely receipt and processing of results. We will use your highest test score from one test date. Copies of test scores are not considered official, but they may help the University locate your official test scores and are therefore useful when the application is processed.

    You may verify receipt of your official scores by contacting the Office of Admissions at the address below (e-mail is preferred). You will need to include your name (as given on test), date of birth, Universal Identification Number (UIN), type of test, date test was taken and date you requested the scores to be sent to Texas A&M University.

    International Admissions Processing
    Texas A&M University
    P.O. Box 40002
    College Station, TX 77842-4002
  6. Proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis. Please visit the bacterial meningitis information page to download the required form.


When to Apply as an International Freshman:

Application term
April 1, 2013
August 1, 2013


Application term
August 1, 2013
December 1, 2013


Submit Your Documents

Some documents may be uploaded via the Applicant Information System (AIS) which you can access after you have submitted your application for admission and have received your Universal Identification Number (UIN).

For documents that must be sent via postal mail, please use the addresses listed below:

(Postal Mail)
International Admissions Processing
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 40002
College Station, TX 77842-4002

(Overnight or Hand Delivery)

Admissions Processing
Texas A&M University
General Services Complex
750 Agronomy Road, Suite 1601
0200 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-0200
(979) 845-1060

Texas A&M University is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Credentials scheduled by overnight mail carriers for Saturday delivery will be delivered and accepted by the University on the next business day.

Acts of Dishonesty

All students applying to Texas A&M University are expected to follow the Aggie Code of Honor which states “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do.” Applicants found to have misrepresented themselves or submitted false information on the application will receive appropriate disciplinary action.

Pursuant to the 2013-2014 undergraduate catalog and Texas A&M student rule 24.4.1, acts of dishonesty include but are not limited to:

  • Withholding material information from the University, misrepresenting the truth during a University investigation or student conduct conference, and/or making false statements to any University official.
  • Furnishing false information to and/or withholding information from any University official, faculty member, or office.
  • Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any University document, record, or instrument of identification.

The submission of false information at the time of admission or readmission is ground for rejection of the application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, dismissal or other appropriate disciplinary action.

How to be Admitted

Academic Admits

Applicants qualify for automatic academic admission, if:

  • they are ranked in the top quarter of their graduating class, and
  • achieve a combined SAT Math and SAT Critical Reading score of at least 1300 with a test score of at least 600 in each of these components; or achieve a composite ACT score of at least 30 with a test score of at least 27 in ACT Math and ACT English. Students must take the writing component of the SAT and/or ACT in order for the test score to be considered, and
  • have successfully taken all recommended coursework, and
  • ensure all required credentials are received by the freshman closing date.

Review Admits

If applicants do not qualify for automatic admission, their complete application file will be reviewed. Admission for students in review is competitive. Some applicants who applied for the summer or fall term and are not admitted may be offered the opportunity for additional consideration. We may offer some students the option of being placed on a wait list. If space is still available in early May, full admission may be granted to a limited number of students.

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