How to Apply

In order for the Office of Admissions to make an admission decision, ALL documents must be received (not postmarked) by the freshman application deadline.

Freshman Applicant Definition - A student without college credit or whose only college credit was received prior to high school graduation and is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States; someone who has applied for permanent residency; or who qualifies for Texas residency based on SB 1528.

Required Documents

Please provide:

  1. A completed ApplyTexas Application. ApplyTexas is available August 1. Apply online at by December 1. You will also be applying for Texas A&M scholarships by completing the ApplyTexas Application (including scholarship questions).

    When published deadlines fall on a weekend, the ApplyTexas application remains open until 12 a.m. midnight (Central time) on the following Monday.
  2. Essay Topics A and B which are required for admission. Essay Topic C is recommended for applicants in review status. Scholarship review by departments may utilize Essays A, B and C in award decisions. Those applying for the Terry Scholarship are required to complete Essay C.
  3. A nonrefundable $75 processing fee or fee waiver (fee is subject to change). Make checks payable to Texas A&M University. Credit card payments may be charged a nonrefundable transaction fee. Fee waivers are given to applicants submitting an SAT/ACT fee waiver form or documentation of need from a high school counselor.
  4. An official high school transcript with a numerical class rank and graduation plan. If your school does not rank, a school profile from the high school must be provided as part of the application file. Students who are still in high school (including home-schooled students) must submit a complete, official transcript through their junior year. Students who have graduated from high school (including home-schooled students) must submit an official transcript that also includes senior courses, a graduation plan and the date of graduation. To be considered official, a transcript must have an original signature of a school official or an original school seal. Faxed, scanned or e-mailed copies will not be accepted. Texas A&M will accept transcripts sent electronically through TREx only. Transcripts from any other vendor will not be accepted. To be eligible for automatic top 10% admission, a numerical class rank must be provided. Updated class ranks will not be considered after the December 1 deadline.
  5. A Curriculum Verification Form (if applicable). Students who do not satisfy the SAT/ACT college readiness standards and do not have a graduation plan noted on their high school transcript must provide a Curriculum Verification Form in order to satisfy the Uniform Admission Policy (UAP) and be eligible for review.
  6. Official SAT or ACT scores sent from the testing agency, including the writing component. The highest composite or total score from a single test date will be used. Texas A&M does not allow combined test scores from different test dates. Scores should be sent directly from the testing agency. The Texas A&M University SAT code is 6003, and the ACT code is 4198. Texas A&M University offers the institutional SAT/ACT exam through Data and Research Services. Students applying to the Dwight Look College of Engineering are required to meet a minimum math score of 550 on the SAT or a minimum math score of 24 on the ACT.
  7. A Permanent Resident Card or I-551 (if applicable). Students who are not U.S. citizens but are permanent residents (or have applied for permanent residency) need to provide a copy of the card. A copy of the parent/guardian’s permanent residence card is also required, if applicable.
  8. A Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit (if applicable).
  9. IF ADMITTED - Proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis.
    Please visit the bacterial meningitis information page to download the required form.


* Letters of Recommendation are NOT REQUIRED.


When to Apply as an incoming Freshman:

Application term
August 1, 2013
October 15, 2013


Application term
August 1, 2013
December 1, 2013


* Application dates differ for incoming International Freshman.
* When published deadlines fall on a weekend, the ApplyTexas application remains open until 12 a.m. midnight (Central time) on the following Monday.

Application Details

ApplyTexas website screenshot

The freshman ApplyTexas Application at is the admission application that all public colleges and universities in Texas, as well as a few participating private institutions, use. You will need to create an account through ApplyTexas in order to access the freshman Application. The Application is divided into the following:

Biographical information about yourself

Detailed list of extracurricular activities, including: community service, talents, awards and honors, jobs held and summer activities; Include everything from the summer after eighth grade through your senior year of high school. If you choose to submit a separate resume or spreadsheet, please follow the same format used on ApplyTexas. This can be sent along with your other admission credentials.

Essays; Essays A and B are required for all students, even those who qualify for automatic admission. And, because The Office of Admissions is always looking for applicants who exceed the minimum requirements, Essay C is strongly recommended for those who fall into the review category. An average essay is about one to one-and-a-half pages in length. This is not a writing test, but rather an opportunity for the review committee to get to know you better.

Essay Topic A
Describe a setting in which you have collaborated or interacted with people whose experiences and/or beliefs differ from yours. Address your initial feelings, and how those feelings were or were not changed by this experience.

Essay Topic B
Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, and the skills and resources you used to resolve it. Did it change you? If so, how?

Essay Topic C
Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

Things to Consider

  1. Begin filling out the application early. Take time to paint a complete picture of high school academics and activities. It is recommended to submit the application first, followed by other required credentials. Submit your application as early as possible.
  2. Include all activities. Keep an activity log of leadership positions, community service, awards, employment and both school and non-school related activities. Include the time commitment and duration of involvement in each activity. If there is not adequate space on the application, submit additional pages in a similar format. Include your full name and date of birth on all pages.
  3. Prepare essays. All applicants are required to complete Essay Topics A and B. In addition, applicants who do not qualify for top 10% or automatic admission are strongly encouraged to complete Essay Topic C. Essays are also important for scholarship consideration.
  4. Visit campus. Visiting campus and participating in Texas A&M programs demonstrate an interest and commitment to the University. Examples of academic association include official visits to campus, such as attending Aggieland Saturday, attending college night programs, meeting with a Texas A&M University admissions counselor, visiting any Prospective Student Center, attending a Texas A&M University application workshop or participating in a University-sponsored program such as SLOT, SEAL, ExCEL, Spend the Night with the Corps, etc. Provide this information in the application or include them in Essay Topic C.
  5. Submit the application. Before sending the application, print a copy for your records. Mail all other credentials well in advance of the closing date to ensure they arrive on time. Include a Document ID sheet with your credentials.

Submit Your Documents

Some documents may be uploaded via the Applicant Information System (AIS) which you can access after you have submitted your application for admission and have received your Universal Identification Number (UIN).

For documents that must be sent via postal mail, please use the addresses listed below:

(U.S. Postal Service) 
Freshman Admissions Processing
Texas A&M University 
General Services Complex 
P.O. Box 30014 
College Station, TX 77842-3014
(Overnight or Hand Delivery) 
Freshman Admissions Processing
Texas A&M University 
General Services Building 
750 Agronomy Road, Suite 1601 
0200 TAMU 
College Station, TX 77843-0200 
(979) 845-1060

Texas A&M University is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Credentials scheduled by overnight mail carriers for Saturday delivery will be delivered and accepted by the University on the next business day.

Acts of Dishonesty

All students applying to Texas A&M University are expected to follow the Aggie Code of Honor which states “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do.” Applicants found to have misrepresented themselves or submitted false information on the application will receive appropriate disciplinary action.

Pursuant to the 2013-2014 undergraduate catalog and Texas A&M student rule 24.4.1, acts of dishonesty include but are not limited to:

  • Withholding material information from the University, misrepresenting the truth during a University investigation or student conduct conference, and/or making false statements to any University official.
  • Furnishing false information to and/or withholding information from any University official, faculty member, or office.
  • Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any University document, record, or instrument of identification.

The submission of false information at the time of admission or readmission is ground for rejection of the application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, dismissal or other appropriate disciplinary action.

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