Locked-Rate Tuition Policy

Beginning Fall 2014, undergraduate students at Texas A&M University will be offered a fixed tuition price plan allowing students and their parents to better plan and budget for college expenses. This fixed rate will be locked in for 12 consecutive semesters or 4 years from the point of initial enrollment at a public or private institution.

  • An entering freshman will be assigned the tuition rate associated with their first term of enrollment
  • It is presumed that students will enroll in 30 hours a year for four years allowing completion of most degree plans. Some majors such as engineering and architecture are offered 1-2 additional semesters at the fixed rate.
  • An entering transfer or readmit student will be assigned a tuition rate based on their first term of enrollment in college after high school. Transfer students may elect to  accept their assigned rate which will expire at the end of four years from the first term of enrollment or opt into the current year’s rate which will be locked in for twelve consecutive semesters or four  years.   
  • Admitted transfer and readmit applicants must make a ‘rate code selection’ prior to enrollment. Instructions for making a selection will be provided upon admission.
  • If a transfer or readmit student does not choose a tuition rate code by the 1st class day, their rate code will default to the calculated rate and no option to change rates will be offered.
The plan adopted by Texas A&M University meets requirements of the Texas Education Code, Section 54.017. Visit for more information.

Cost of Attendance

A degree from Texas A&M is a great investment – one that continues to appreciate over time. Texas A&M is consistently recognized as a top “value” in higher education, ranking 1st in Texas and 17th nationally in Kiplinger’s “best values” annual ranking, which is based on a combination of academic quality and affordability. An education from Texas A&M remains very desirable and very affordable, year after year.

  Resident Resident at home
with parents
Tuition & Fees* $10,030 $10,030 $30,208
Loan Fees 64 64 64
Room & Board 10,368 4,626 10,368
Books & Supplies 1,054 1,054 1,054
Travel 2,282 2,282 2,820
Personal Expenses 3,474 3,474 3,474
Total $27,272 $21,530 $47,988

Cost of attendance is for year 2016-2017;
Please visit for the most current cost of attendance.

*Based on 15 undergraduate credit hours per semester at Texas A&M University in College Station; some tuition and fees are not reflected here. Visit for additional tutition and fee charges based on the college in which you are enrolled.

The total average cost of attendance to attend Texas A&M for one year is approximately $27,272 (for in-state residents), which includes tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. Given that Texas A&M is able to offer over one-half billion dollars in financial assistance each year, many students’ out-of-pocket costs are much lower than the published cost of attendance.

For more information visit Scholarships & Financial Aid.