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Applicants may be admitted one of three ways:

1. Top 10% Admits

Freshman applicants qualify for automatic top 10% admission (but not necessarily to the major of choice) if they:

  • attend a recognized public or private high school in Texas, and
  • rank in the top 10% of their graduating class on or before the application deadline, and
  • satisfy the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy, and
  • successfully complete the recommended or distinguished graduation plan*, and
  • ensure all required documents are received by the application deadline.

Texas residents attending out-of-state schools are also eligible for top 10% admission at Texas A&M University. A residency questionnaire must be submitted to determine eligibility.

* Students who change from the recommended or distinguished curriculum to the new foundation curriculum must complete the Distinguished Level of Achievement to qualify.


Applicants qualify for automatic academic admission (but not necessarily to the major of choice), if they:

  • successfully complete Texas A&M's required coursework, and
  • rank in the top quarter of their graduating class on or before the application deadline, and
  • meet test score minimums
    • New SAT:
      • Total score of at least a 1360 with at least:
        • 620 Math; and
        • 660 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)
    • Old SAT:
      • Composite score of at least 1300 (Math and Critical Reading) with at least:
        • 600 Math; and
        • 600 Critical Reading
    • ACT:
      • Composite score of at least 30 with at least:
        • 27 Math; and
        • 27 English
  • satisfy the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy, and
  • ensure all required documents are received by the application deadline.

3. Review Admits

If an applicant does not qualify for top 10% or academic admission, but satisfies the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy, the complete application will be reviewed.

Factors considered:

  • academic achievements - class rank and SAT and/or ACT scores as well as completion of Texas A&M's required coursework
  • personal achievements - involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, leadership, employment and summer activities as well as any talents, awards and honors
  • information shared in essays - Essays A and B are required. The optional essay is recommended for applicants who fall into the holistic review.
  • the complete applytexas application including the optional “Additional Personal Information” shoebox question

Applicants who are high achieving in all areas are most competitive for admission. Students admitted through the holistic review process are expected to be successful academically at Texas A&M, as well as bring qualities and insights that will enrich the student body of the university.

Each year, Texas A&M University receives over 40,000 applications for its freshman class, which means there are more academically prepared applicants than can be admitted.

If Texas A&M University is unable to offer an applicant admission, they may be offered one of the following options (fall applicants only):

Aggie Gateway to Success is a summer provisional admission program that gives students a unique chance to gain full admission to the university the following fall semester.

Texas A&M University Blinn Team Program is a collaborative admission program between Texas A&M University and Blinn College. Students are co-enrolled at both institutions.

Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan provides students an opportunity to pursue their engineering degree in a co-enrollment program between Texas A&M University and Blinn College-Bryan Campus.

Engineering at Galveston provides students an opportunity to begin their engineering studies on the Texas A&M Galveston campus and to complete their engineering degree in College Station as part of the College of Engineering.

Program for System Admission (PSA) offers students who are denied freshman admission the opportunity to enroll in a Texas A&M system school for one year with the intention of achieving guaranteed transfer admission to Texas A&M College Station upon successful completion of the program.

Admission decisions are made throughout the application period. Final decisions will be announced in mid-November for spring admission and mid- to late- March for fall admission through the Applicant Information System (AIS).

Top 10% & Academic Admits
Notifications are announced after your complete application file is processed.

Review Admits
Applicants will be notified in mid- to late- March.

Admission Decision Appeals

After submitting your application you will receive an email with your Universal Identification Number (UIN) and instructions to access the Applicant Information System (AIS). Check AIS regularly to ensure all documents have been received.

  • Allow 2-3 weeks to process each document submitted via the PREFERRED METHOD.
  • Documents submitted within one month of the deadline or submitted using a non-preferred method may not be noted as received until after the deadline.
  • Please bring any discrepancies regarding your information to our attention immediately via "Contact Us" on AIS.
  • Your admission decision will be posted on the Applicant Information System (AIS).

As an applicant going through holistic review, what is the likelihood that I will get admitted?
Approximately 35% of review applicants typically receive some form of admission to Texas A&M. There are several different admission options including:

If I haven't received a decision by now does it mean I am getting denied?
No; due to the increasing number of students who qualify for automatic admission to Texas A&M, we must closely monitor our class size to determine how many students from holistic review may be admitted and when. The goal is for all students applying for the fall semester to receive a decision by the end of March.

Can I send new information to help with the decision making process?
Yes; Texas A&M will only consider documents that were received by the admission deadline. This includes updated transcripts reflecting a new class rank.

Should I change my major? Will that give me a better chance of being admitted?
No; choice of major is not considered when making the admission decision to the University. Most majors are determined on a first come, first served basis. There are several colleges at Texas A&M with additional admissions criteria and enrollment limits; therefore, admission to your major is not guaranteed.

I applied in August but AIS says my credentials are still being reviewed, does this mean there is a problem?
No; students will remain "in review" until an admission decision is made. The goal is for all students applying for the fall semester to receive a decision by the end of March.

What if I have an offer to another university but I really want to go to Texas A&M?
It is always a good idea to have a back-up plan. Most universities require students to accept their admission offer by May 1st. Students are highly encouraged to submit the necessary documents to accept admission at another institution should they not gain admission to Texas A&M.

APPLY-receive a UIN-logon to AIS-check STATUS-upload DOCUMENTS