Events & Programs

Get to know us! Come visit campus and experience the legendary friendliness that is indicative of the Aggie family. The Office of Admissions, the Appelt Aggieland Visitor Center, and various colleges and departments offer several opportunities for prospective students and their families to visit campus throughout the year.

Appelt Aggieland Visitor Center (FR, SO, JR, SR)
Prospective students are encouraged to visit the Texas A&M University campus beginning the spring semester of their junior year in high school. The Appelt Aggieland Visitor Center can coordinate visits by scheduling campus tours, academic college meetings and group admissions presentations.

Freshman Admission Sessions (FR, SO, JR, SR)
Prospective freshman students are encouraged to attend a Freshman Admission Session before applying to Texas A&M University. The sessions provide detailed information about the application process and ways to be admitted.  Students will also have an opportunity for a question/answer session with an admissions counselor following the presentation.  Students should attend a session before scheduling an appointment with a counselor. Registration is required at Campus Visit.

Spend the Night with the Corps (JR, SR)
Spend the Night with the Corps is an experience designed primarily for juniors and seniors in high school who are interested in participating in the Corps of Cadets while attending Texas A&M. For students who cannot participate in the full length of the program, the Corps of Cadets also offers a Spend the Day with the Corps program during the summer.

Aggieland Information Day (SR)
Prospective students, specifically high school seniors and transfers, interested in attending Texas A&M can experience all that we offer during Aggieland Information Day. Formerly Freshman Information Day and Transfer Information Day, Aggieland Information Day is a combined event held in the fall that complements our largest event of the year, Aggieland Saturday. Learn about the admissions process, opportunities for financial aid and our academic colleges. Additionally, participants will tour campus, view the residence halls and learn more about the history and traditions that make our university so unique. During the day, participants will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, staff and academic advisors, as well as have access to resource tables where they will learn about our majors and resources on campus.

National Scholar Day (SR)
National Scholar Day is a program designed for National Merit Semifinalist and National Hispanic Scholars.  During this program students and parents will learn more about the exciting academic opportunities Texas A&M has to offer.  Participants will meet with college/departmental staff about their major areas of interest, have the chance to visit with current Aggie National Scholars, and receive information about our scholarship opportunities.  If you are a National Scholar and would like more information, please email us at

Seniors Experiencing Aggie Life (SR)
Seniors Experiencing Aggie Life (SEAL) is a two-day program in which students see firsthand what being an Aggie is all about. Seniors meet with current students, learn about admission, financial aid and housing, attend a Texas A&M University football game and spend the night in student

Aggieland Saturday (FR, SO, JR, SR)
Join thousands of other prospective students and experience the spirit of Aggieland. Participate in group sessions about Texas A&M University's academic programs, admissions, scholarships and financial aid. Academic departments, colleges and student services provide information and host activities.

SWE High School Conference (FR, SO, JR, SR)
The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) hosts a two-day conference in which students interested in math, science and engineering see firsthand the opportunities available to them in the field of engineering. The conference is open to male and female high school students.

Whoopin' Weekend (SO, JR, SR)
Whoopin' Weekend is a three-day program sponsored by the Aggie Recruitment Committee in which students visit a class, tour campus, attend a Yell Practice and cheer on the Aggie baseball team.

Parents' Weekend (Current Aggies)
Parents' Weekend allows the students to express their gratitude to those whom have impacted their lives. This is done through a number of events that show the parents' students at Texas A&M University the essence of the Aggie Family.

National Scholar Experience (SR)
National Scholar Experience is a program designed for admitted National Merit and National Hispanic Scholars.  Attendees of NSE will get a first-hand look at life on campus here at Texas A&M.  Participants will take part in information panels and be able to interact with current students; and will learn more on the next steps to enrolling at the university.

Aggie-STEM Summer Camp (middle & high school students)
The Aggie center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) hosts an annual summer camp for middle and high school students. The summer camp will provide students real world experiences in STEM education through STEM project based learning, improve SAT scores and provide a world class university experience with Texas A&M University professors in STEM fields. Students will attend non-credit STEM classes by TAMU professors, use 3D printers, Chemistry of Cosmetics, Safety Engineering, Construction Engineering, Circuit Design, Learn to use XtraNormal Animation Studio and Photo Story, Advanced Mathematics, Code and Coding Theory, Plant Biology, PSAT/SAT prep class, and a variety of social activities and local field trips. Students may choose from 3 different options, including the two-day camp options or the residence hall stay option.

Camp ARCH (SO, JR, SR)
Camp ARCH is a weeklong interdisciplinary experience that acquaints students with the study of and potential careers in architecture, visualization, construction science, landscape architecture and urban planning.

Exploring Leadership Opportunities and Rewards in Education (ExpLORE) highlights teacher education programs, leadership and career opportunities and courses of study in the teaching profession.

Geosciences Exploration Summer Program (GeoX) (JR, SR)
Texas A&M University's College of Geosciences offers a free program to rising high school juniors and seniors interested in Geosciences. Participants will stay on campus, learn what it means to be an Aggie and discover world-wide career opportunities in the field. Admission is limited, and applicants are required to have a minimum 3.5 GPA and be in the top 10% of their graduating class, as well as provide supporting documentation.

National Scholar Invitational (SR)
National Scholar Invitational is a program designed for high school students who have just finished their junior year and are on track to being recognized as a National Merit or National Hispanic Scholar.  NSI is a fast-paced two-day program that allows students to explore Texas A&M University's academic departments as well as experience student life first-hand.  The invitational is designed to help students gain knowledge about what it's like to be an Aggie, give them the opportunity to see the University at work as well as showcase the University's academic opportunities, traditions, and strong commitment to diversity.

Poultry Institute for Youth (JR, SR)
The Institute is a four-day enrichment camp for students with an interest in the poultry industry. Students will attend mini-lectures taught by Texas A&M University staff on topics such as anatomy, embryology, immunology, nutrition and processing. Students will also take field trips to a commercial layer facility and a local processing facility.

Veterinary Enrichment Camp (JR, SR)
In this three-day program, participants explore the possibilities of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University through hands-on experiences.


* High school class denotes the year a student will begin after the summer programs. Students who have completed their freshman year are considered sophomores; those who have completed their sophomore year are considered juniors, etc.