Program for System Admission

Selected students who are denied freshman admission to Texas A&M University may be offered an opportunity to participate in the Program for System Admission (PSA). Through this alternative admission program, selected students may enroll in one of the Texas A&M University System Institutions that participate in PSA with the goal of returning to Texas A&M University in College Station after successful completion of their first year in college.


  • Students must have a complete freshman application for the fall semester on file with the Office of Admissions at Texas A&M University in College Station by December 1
  • Students must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Texas A&M System Institution they wish to attend
  • Students must respond to the PSA offer via the Applicant Information System (AIS) by May 1


To qualify for automatic admission via the PSA, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Choose and complete specific course requirements from one of the approved TAMU program-specific degree plans
  • Complete at least 24 transferable hours in residence at a single System Institution during the fall and spring semesters
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPR at the System Institution AND maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPR on all transferable coursework (including dual credit taken during high school)
  • Submit all required credentials by the published deadline

It is recommended that developmental course(s) and/or prerequisite course(s) be taken prior to fall enrollment. Example: Some institutions require College Algebra before enrolling in higher level math courses.

Participating Colleges/Departments at Texas A&M University

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see all 8 System Institutions on AIS?
TAMU uses predetermined class rank/test scores minimums to qualify you for guaranteed admission at various System Institutions. Most students are eligible for automatic admission at all 8 System Institutions, but some students aren’t.

What if I’m not interested in one of the participating majors (i.e., Engineering)?
The PSA was designed for students who are interested in a participating major. We never recommend using the PSA to be admitted to TAMU with the intention of switching to the major you really want. We recommend taking the coursework and making the grades for your intended major and then applying as a standard transfer student directly to your intended major.

I have a lot of dual credit coursework from high school. Is the PSA right for me?
It could be. The answer to this question really depends on what specific coursework you’ve already completed and what your intended major at TAMU is. Before accepting the PSA offer, please visit with an Admissions Counselor in the Aggieland Prospective Student Center by calling 979.458.0950.

If I decide to accept the PSA offer, will I have to submit a new application when I’m ready to transition to TAMU?
Yes, you will have to submit the following:

  1. Submit a transfer application through Apply Texas ( Submitting this application will allow you to be considered for scholarships. When submitting, please indicate the fee waiver option on the payment page. Texas A&M will then waive the application fee for you. Answer ‘yes’ to the custom question indicating that you are applying for admission as part of the Program for System Admission. Please note that you are not required to submit Essay A.
  2. Submit an official transcript from your system institution showing your in-progress coursework for the spring semester. You will also need to submit a final transcript once the semester is complete.
  3. Submit a final high school transcript reflecting your graduation date.
  4. Submit an official college transcript from any other institutions attended including those where dual credit coursework was taken during high school (even if the coursework is included on the high school transcript).

What happens if I don’t satisfy the criteria for automatic admission?
Your only option would be to submit a standard transfer application for a future term. Please see for more information about this process.

Please Note

  • PSA students who do not complete the requirements for automatic admission to TAMU-CS can apply for admission as a regular transfer student.
  • Students not interested in one of the majors under the PSA can still be admitted to a TAMU System institution and apply for admission as a regular transfer student to TAMU-CS.

PSA Course Equivalency

Program for System Admission pdf brochure